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  • Elizabeth Corran - Race Secretary

    PW official Title - Race Secretary

    Core duties -

    Other duties -

    Tasks on race day -

    How long have you been on the committee?

    Favourite part of the course as a competitor (if you competed)?

    Favourite part of the event as an organiser (i.e. registration, the start, the camaraderie, the community, Peel, Finish etc.) and why?

    Your stand out moment/person in the history of the event and why?



    Elizabeth has been on the organising committe for over 25 years during which time her role before, during and after the race has evolved as the event has grown.

    For example, until the introduction of online entries in the late 2000's, Elizabeth and husband Gordon would receive all of the entries through their letterbox! When manual entries stopped, she was freed up to undertake other roles which now include:

    • Contacting and organising volunteers for manning every church check point;
    • Arranging for the marquee to be set up at the NSC for competitor registration on the two days prior to the race;
    • Liasing with individual Churches regarding their use on Parish walk weekend and making sure there are no church events booked;
    • Booking and setting up Peel Town Hall and Philip Chistian Centre;
    • Ordering of the trophies and prizes for the prize presentation plus medals for all competitors;
    • Arranging the logistics for the Villa Marina stage and presentation area for the awards presentation evening;
    • liaising with caterers for the presentation buffet

    As race secretary, Elizabeth is the first point of contact for any queries regarding any competitor aspect of the event.
    She also organises a small team of volunteers who, about two weeks before the race, meet at the Manx Harriers clubhouse at the National Sports Centre to prepare the 'envelopes' that each entrant receives at registration. Each envelope will contain the following:

    • race numbers
    • back up vehicle numbers
    • safety pins
    • race programme
    • route description
    • race rules
    • advice for support drivers
    • Medical advice

    This is no mean feat as there are always well over 1200 envelopes to fill and box up.

    On race day, Elizabeth's roles are manyfold from assisting withensuring a smooth start to the race at the NSC, to judging and marshalling aroud the Braaid area. From there, she will head to Peel to start the set up process ready for the walkers arriving at the eighth church.
    This is by far the busiest of all the checkpoints and each year approximately 40% of starters (~500) will stop here therefore ensuring it all runs like clockwork entails a lot of preparation, organising and overseeing that marshals are in place, timing equipment is set up ready and safety barriers are in place long before the first walker reached the checkpoint.

    Once the last walker has checked in, everything is tidied up and put away, the site shut down and the Centre locked up, Elizabeth will head to Douglas to assist with the preparation of the finish area and the checking-in of finishers when the leaders start coming in between 22:30 and 23:30.

    The finish remains open until 08:00 on Sunday morning when everything has to be taken down and put away and Elizabeth will be found there until the end.

    Elizabeth has taken part in the Parish Walk on numerous occasions and has won ladies race to Peel 5 times before completing the full 85miles in 2006 in a very respectable time of 20:48:37.

    As a competitor, she enjoyed the early stages to Peel in 2006 as she walked with my friend and we enjoyed the scenery going up over the Sloc, because when she raced to Peel, she didn't have time to do that and it was more of a lonely walk because there were not so many walkers taking part in those days (early 1990s).

    Asked which part of the event was her favourite, she admitted that she enjoys Peel because the atmosphere is always brilliant due to the number of spectators, but says the finish is her favourite especially the last couple of hours watching people achieve that first finish is unique and is full of emotion with competitors and family alike crying and laughing.

    Her stand out moment/person of the event is when Sean Hands broke Derek Harrison's record after 26 years in 2006. "The excitement that night was fantastic and it was a great achievement by Sean".

  • Adam Killip

    1.    PW official Title - Social Media Director.

    2.    Core duties - Writing and publishing articles for the Parish Walk website, updating social media platforms with race information and videos before, during and after the event.

    3.    Other duties - Liaising with the other members of the social media team to discuss ideas for improving our coverage and how to divide up the various duties throughout the year; providing some analysis/stats of finisher data.

    4.    Tasks on race day - Following the event by car from the start until about 9pm and posting updates from various locations; then on to the Finish to assist if/when needed 

    5.    How long have you been on the committee? 2 years

    6.    Have you competed in the PW? If so, when and how did you get on? Yes. I have 6 finishes from 12 starts with a best finish of 3rd place in 2017. 

    7.    Favourite part of the course as a competitor (if you competed)? Jurby to Bride. Lots of people hate this part, but for me it's just so peaceful and quiet with lots of nice scenery. You can completely switch off from the world and I love it.

    8.    Favourite part of the event as an organiser (i.e. registration, the start, the camaraderie, the community, Peel, Finish etc.) and why? The community spirit. I'd be interested to know how many people are involved in the Parish Walk in some way each year. I bet it's a good few thousand.

    9.    Your stand out moment/person in the history of the event and why? It's more of a memory than a moment but it would have to be walking up the Sloc in the monsoon in 2008. You could barely see or feel anything - it was more like a January day than the middle of June!

  • Winston Liu

    1. Chief Marshal

    2. Organise marshals and marshalling points

    3. Print certificates, prepare presentation slides

    4. Marshal at NSC, Marown, Rushen, Peel and Finish.

    5. Since 1995

    6. 1992. First time finisher, 22hrs 3mins 32 secs, 11th out 17th finishers. Only attempt. It was particularly special because a year and a half before it I had broke my left leg in four places when I got hit by a car.

    7. Sloc

    8. Peel - cos of atmosphere

    9. Have to think on this one. Will get back to you.