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Route Map/Route 'App'


Here is a link to a superbly detailed map of the Parish Walk route. It is quite a large file so it may take longer than you would expect to download so please be patient!

The map can be zoomed into without any loss of clarity or detail and clearly shows not only the route of the walk, but also the adjoining country roads which the support vehicles could use to get between locations rather than simply following the race route.

The map has been produced by Rob Clynes and has been gratefully reproduced here with his permission.
Please note that this map is provided for information purposes only. If you are in any doubt, you should consult the full list of road closures, one-way roads and no-stopping zones which can be found on the "Road Closures and Restrictions" page of this web site, in the race programme and on the Parish Walk 'app' (see below).


An interactive web page can be found here. There are filters to allow the user to display important aspects of the race (churches, feed stations, toilets...) on the 85 mile route.

As it is a web page (rather than a downloadable application), it can be viewed on any smart device with access to the internet.