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Awards Presentation

Prize Presentation

The prize presentation will take place at the Villa Marina, Douglas on Tuesday, June 25th 2024 starting at 19:00
Please note that there will be no food vendors at the presentation.


Awards given out at the presentation:

Overall Winner:  IoM Parish Walk Cup, donated by Manx AAC.

Best Lady Finisher: Boundary Harriers Cup, donated by Boundary Harriers AC

Best Finish by Local Newcomer: Millennium Shield, donated by Ray Hughes

Most Improved Performance: MSM Trophy, donated by Craig Hodgson

Under 21 Men - Winner to Peel: Parish Walk Junior Trophy, donated by Murray Lambden

Under 21 Ladies - winner to Peel: John Quilliam Cup, presented in memory of John Quilliam

Overall Team Winner: Boundary Harriers Cup, donated by Boundary Harriers AC

Ladies Team Winner: Castletown Ale Drinkers Bowl, donated by The Castletown Ale Drinkers Society

Merit Award: Presented by Manx Telecom