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Timing & Numbers


Our timing partner, Manx Timing Solutions, provides a service using disposable timing chips that are integrated with the Bib number. Time recording at the checkpoints will be "contactless" using either timing mats or detectors mounted on tripods. There is no need to hand in the Bib number after the race.

Live race progress can be monitored online via any smart device using the links on this site.

Friends and family texting service: this is a free service from Manx Telecom. To use the service you can add the mobile phone numbers of up to two supporters when you enter or by updating your entry online or at event registration by 19:30 on Friday 18th June. Your two nominated supporters will receive a text message from Manx Telecom when you reach each parish church from Santon onwards, giving details of: name of walker, location reached, and time at that location

Follow the race online: for live updates on the race just go to

At registration, each competitor will be given their race numbers. The front (black) number incorporates a timing chip and this will register automatically as you pass through each checkpoint. Some churches will have a "mat" that you walk over, whilst at others, there will be a detector plate mounted on a tripod adjacent to the church gate. The process is very quick so there will be no congestion or delay at any of the checkpoints. The back (green) number does not contain a timing chip. It is important that you wear the these the right way round!

You should be aware that the chips remain "live" and will register whenever you pass close to a timing point. Thus walkers are asked not to stand in the vicinity of the detector - e.g. when awaiting collection after retiring. If you retire at a checkpoint, marshals will "snip your chip" so that they will no longer register.

After you have finished your race, proceed (under no time pressure) to the officials where the race number will be removed.

If you retire from the event between churches, you or your supporters must notify a race official and/or send a text message to the race control mobile number that is printed on the back of your race number, stating that you have retired (remember to state your race number). E.g. "345 Retired". This is an essential safety requirement and allows the most accurate competitor information to be displayed online.


You must wear both numbers, front and back, above waist height and clearly visible (including the sponsors’ names) at all times. Failure to do so may result in disqualification. You may wish to pin the numbers to a singlet or bib which can be worn above a variety of different tops. Be prepared to change your outer clothing during the race as weather conditions frequently vary throughout the race.
Please do not confuse the numbers which are provided for display in an attendant’s car with your own race numbers (which are waterproof).